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Profile of ESMB

East Spring Military Band
12 yearsOLD
Tampines St 33
East Spring Secondary School

Ze Music Bender
Mr Ng Kok Hin

Ze Teachers-In-Charge
Ms Maybeline Tan
Mr Evan Lau

Ze Commitee
Band Major : Denise
Drum Major : Hanif
Quarter Mistress : Sheryl
Secretary/Treasurer : Adelina
Recruit IC : Li Wei & Dika
Librarian : Cai Ling & Anis
Drill IC : Denise & Hanif
Uniform IC : Tay Bin & Shuling
Concert Head : Joey & Cenli

Members of ESMB

Irfi (Section Leader)
Jia Qi

Cen li (Section Leader)
Miao Yi (Assistant Section Leader)
Cai Ling
Xin Hui
Chai Ling
Ming Ming
Pei Xuan

Joanna (Section Leader)
Si Min

Joey (Section Leader)
Mei Ting
Chao Qun

Dika (Section Leader)

Yong Qiang (Section Leader)
Adeline (Assistant Section Leader)
Tay Bin

Li Wei (Section Leader)

Atikah (Section Leader)
Max (Assistant Section Leader)
Jia Qing
Nee Sheng

Alumni of ESMB

9th Batch (2008)
Michelle (Saxophone)-Band Major
Jia Sheng (Tuba)-Drum Major & Drill I/C
Enrica (Euphonium)-Quarter Mistress
Shafiqa (Trumpet)-Secretary/Treasurer
Zhi Ran (Trumpet)-Recruit I/C
Jia Qian (Clarinet)-Uniform I/C
Anna (Flute) & Kenneth (Tuba)-Concert Head
Bradley (Clarinet)-Section Leader
Syafiq (Percussion)
Syahir (Trumpet)

8th Batch (2008)
Farah (French Horn)-Band Major
Firdaus (French Horn)-Drum Major & Section Leader
Ashikin (Clarinet)-Quarter Mistress
Nasuha (Saxophone)-Secretary/Treasurer
Syafiq (Percussion)-Recruit I/C
Eugene (Percussion)-Drill I/C
Wen Wen (Saxophone)-Uniform I/C
Fadhilah (Clarinet)-Section Leader
Khairunnisa (Trombone)-Section Leader
Nabilah (Euphonium)-Section Leader
Erwin (Percussion)-Section Leader
Asri (Percussion)

7th Batch (2007)
Jared (Clarinet)-Band Major
Glenn (Tuba)-Drum Major
Tiara (Saxophone)-Quarter Mistress
Syamsiah (Clarinet)- Secretary/Treasurer
Kenneth (Percussion)-Drill I/C
Emilia (Clarinet)-Uniform I/C
Fatin (Flute)-Section Leader
Izzah (Flute)
Zhi Jun (Flute)
Maisharaqh (Clarinet)-Section Leader
Jia Min (Oboe)
Christin (Saxophone)-Section Leader
Kai Lin (Trombone)-Section Leader
Azryl (Euphonium)-Section Leader
Adilah (Trumpet)-Section Leader
Carleen (Trumpet)
Azri (Tuba)-Section Leader
Hafiyan (Percussion)-Section Leader
Yan Wei (Percussion)
Samuel (Percussion)

Sounds of ESMB

Awards of ESMB

~2nd NBC : Silver
~SYF '07 : Bronze
~SYF '09 : SILVER!!
~3rd NBC : Silver

Archives of ESMB

Monday, July 02, 2012

Hello guys this is Firdaus, DM '09 and just wanna say hope everything's fine.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

OKay band. It's been a month since there's a post.
SYF is exactly 23 days ahead from today. Let's not slack alright?!
Many sections have been coming back for sectionals. And that is awesome.
But what I wanna emphasize is that, we need some band spirit here! For this upcoming band camp, Hanif will only be joining us on the last day, Thursday.
I really need everyone's cooperation for the three days. It's gonna be tough, real tough.
Especially for the sec4s. Motivational talk + ASP and more ASP.

To my juniors :
The sec4s will not be with you guys for the whole of 1st day morning and afternoon. Please, do not be afraid. Mr Ng will be strict but use this time to show him how well you can play!

To sec4s :
Motivational talk in the morning and sound check in the night. Nope, it's not easy. But we're all in this together! Complains and burning midnight oil for SPA and the homeworks.. We went through 3years. What is 3days? We're the batch that went through 2 SYF, we're the batch that has competition every year, we're the batch that holds half our band size and we're the batch who's gonna bring our band to great heights!

I'm not good in expressing myself, but I hope you guys get what I mean. 3 weeks only. 3 more weeks! WE, as A BAND, WILL GET THE RESULT WE WANT FOR SYF! LET'S NOT REGRET!

"Band number 40, East Spring Symphonic Band, ________ (Bronze? Silver? Gold? or even Gold with honour?)" You guys decide. I know a lot of us wanna get GOLD. So let's work hard for it because there is no way it's gonna just fall from the sky alright? (:

Denise. Band Major

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear all,
For Total Defence Day tomorrow (15 Feb 2011), please wear BAND UNIFORM to school.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear all ex band members,

I am collating the names of students who are / will be coming back occasionally to help out in band practices / band camps / band activities. I will need your

1) Full Name,
2) email address,
3) hp no.
4) home no.
5) year graduated from ESSS.

Please send me your particulars via sms / email (tan_huaying_maybelline@moe.edu.sg / private message on facebook. I will need the information by this Friday 28 Jan 2011.

Ms Tan

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Item List

4-5 t-shirts (ESSS or Band T-shirt)
4-5 shorts/slacks (PE shorts or plain dark blue)
1 full set of toiletries (shampoo, shower foam, comb.. etc)
Bath towel/face towel
4 sets of undergarment
2 pairs of socks ( NO ankle socks)
1 pair of track shoes
1 torch light with extra working batteries
1 mug
1 empty 1.5 l Ice Mountain bottle
Writing materials
A pair of slippers
1 sleeping bag

Optional items:
Medicine (if necessary)
Plastic bags for wet clothings
Insect repellent

Make sure all your belongings have your name on it.
No electronic devices.
No contact lenses
No valuables

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dear all,
Its been sometime since I last posted.

To all the alumni, not sure if you've been told, Ms Cloven Ong has left teaching so is no longer with us in the band. We have a new teacher in charge, Mr Evan Lau since June 2010 =)

What has gone on this year:
1) All the school based performance as usual.
2) NBC -- silver award
3) Charity concert at Victoria JC (thanks to all who came down to support.

There is also a facebook account, but not very very active.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/pages/esmb/59865067557?v=info

Anyway, this is the season when the preparation for SYF begins. Set piece will be coming in on 15 November. Some song about the Singapore Flyer or Friendship.

Choice piece is the one we have performed during NBC, but more improvements to be made.

In 2009, our silver came from a lot of factors. Efforts from the entire band, support from the alumni and Mr Ng.

In 2011, we want to and have to aim for a silver / gold. The band has been one of the CCAs selected to achieve the Sustained Achievement Award in 2011, therefore, we need to sustain the silver.

All alumni, do come down during the various practices to lend your support if you can =)

All current band members, full attendance is appreciated (unless there is valid reason)

There will be a band camp on 23 Nov - 26 Nov 2010 (yes, 4d3n) run by the current sec 3 committee.. they have been eagerly meeting up to plan for the camp. Come down and join us.

We'll also be having a Band Exchange with Yuying Secondary School on 23 Nov afternoon.

I do hope to see all of you soon. Take care and keep in touch =)

Ms Maybelline Tan (soon to be known as Mrs Maybelline Low)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

hey people!!
good job for yesterday's exchange with Huayi!!
continue to work hard and play better :)